Build models and calculate cost-effectiveness estimates for new interventions.
No programming required.


Build your model without sacrificing quality or detail.


Ocean simplifies the model building by guiding you through the process of adding health states and survival data, defining survival curves, adding costs, QALYs and generating sensitivity analyses.


Collaborate with your team and speed up the process.


Assign specific permissions to your team members, putting you in control of who can build, edit, read and save your model. Share and collaborate with your team to build models more quickly and to efficiently share your analysis to support decision making.


Edit your parameters and inputs as often as you like.


Ocean puts the model in your hands, allowing you to build and adapt your model in a more efficient way to generate your economic analysis results faster, using a process less prone to errors.


Implement your results.


Use your Ocean cost-effectiveness model to:
  • support your HTA submission
  • help you generate an informed early stage market access strategy
  • make decisions on in-licensing opportunities


Made by modellers



Ocean was built by market access specialists, for market access specialists. We use it to build our own cost-effectiveness models.
Browser-based platform



Provides security and accessibility. You don’t need access to any specialist software, just your web browser.


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