Latest Maverex publication - Transparency in Decision Modelling


Read our latest manuscript recently published in PharmacoEconomics – “Transparency in Decision Modelling: What, Why, Who and How?”


We are pleased to share details of our most recent publication, which Nina, Antony and Sue have been involved in developing, discussing the opportunities and potential risks in increasing transparency of decision models from the perspective of the various stakeholders involved, including industry and decision-makers.

Transparency in decision modelling is key to ensuring important policy decisions are made on reliable and sound evidence as it allows the validity of research findings to be independently tested and verified.

However, due to the range of stakeholders and interests involved, achieving the benefits while managing the risks of increased transparency requires careful consideration, as outlined below.

Issues that need addressing such as intellectual property, legal matters, funding, and use and sharing of software are highlighted in the article, and it discusses the changes that will be required within the modelling community to overcome legal, practical and intellectual barriers hampering transparency initiatives.

The key themes of the article include:

  • Distinct manifestations of transparency (model registration, reporting standards, reference models, open-source modelling, peer review and collaboration)
  • The role and incentives for stakeholders
  • Anticipated advantages, disadvantages, barriers and facilitators of greater transparency.
  • Current initiatives aimed to improve transparency to exemplify efforts in current practice

If you would like to read more, please click here to access the full article.