Value demonstration and communication

Demonstrating clinical and economic value to payers is critical for success in market access. Our seasoned experts specialise in developing impactful, robust, evidence-based value communication materials that are relevant and accessible to your stakeholders.

Harbour is reinventing how value communications are developed, used by our clients, updated and maintained with one intuitive and simple-to-use digital platform.
Say goodbye to managing multiple versions of outdated dossiers with our online platform for streamlining value communication tool development.


Value story development and value communication materials


We invest time in developing a thorough understanding of the market access landscape and unique challenges facing our partners, and use this insight to develop impactful value communication materials that meet your specific needs.
We combine rigorous attention to detail with a flexible, collaborative approach to ensure that our deliverables are robust, relevant and accessible to your stakeholders, from creating and testing evidence-based payer value messages, to developing detailed global value dossiers (GVDs).
Our expert team have a wealth of experience in value demonstration and communication services, including:
  • Developing and updating value propositions, value stories and global value dossiers
  • Objection handlers
  • Primary market research testing with local affiliates and payers
  • Digital eGVDs

Manuscripts and posters


Our extensive experience in market access communication and scientific publication ensures a seamless process from development of clinical and economic deliverables through to conference posters and manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.
Our shared and vast experience means we’ve produced posters and manuscripts across most disease areas, including oncology, respiratory, and rare diseases.
Proudly working with some of the biggest, most innovative names and start-ups in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.