Real-world evidence

Analysis of real-world data on current practice, safety, effectiveness, and value is essential to achieve successful market access and post-launch product uptake.

Database analysis


By analysing existing real-world evidence sources, we can support your navigation to market and strengthen your value proposition.
Carrying out real-world database analysis ahead of launch can improve your understanding of treatment pathways, disease burden and unmet need, which are essential to support communications of new interventions.
Post launch, real-world evidence is essential for multiple stakeholders in order to understand the risks and benefits of a new intervention in actual clinical practice rather than in a trial setting.

Propriety databases


With stringent analysis, bias elimination, and benchmarking, we can create and submit applications to third party data owners, and following approval, analyse uncovered datasets, bringing you new insights into specific outcomes.
We have extensive insight into the UK payer market and the CRPD. For our customers researching real world evidence in the UK, we can create and submit strong applications to the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) for review, also analysing the uncovered datasets in response to your research questions.
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