Reviews and meta-analyses

With attention to detail, rigour, and scientific expertise across many disease areas, our expert team uses established research methodologies to present detailed and specific evidence in response to your research questions.

Systematic review and meta-analysis


Our systematic reviews follow the gold standard methodology to identify, appraise, and synthesise all relevant studies on your specific research topic and efficiently summarise the outcomes of various intervention trials, in accordance with HTA guidelines.
With statistical application and the appropriate weight applied to each study depending on the quality of the research and findings, our meta-analyses can provide a valid assessment of the existing evidence and help to determine your next step in the research and development process.
We frequently conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses of drug and diagnostic clinical data, randomised and non-randomised clinical data, and observational data, specialising in:
  • Pairwise meta-analyses
  • Network meta-analyses
  • Single arm comparisons
    • Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC)
    • Simulated treatment comparisons (STC)
    • Meta-regressions

Scoping and pragmatic reviews


Scoping and pragmatic reviews review involve a comprehensive and targeted search and the identification and reporting of the best available evidence to support the aims of the research.
How we approach it will depend on your specific research needs, but will use elements of systematic review methodology to identify evidence in a less time-intensive manner for faster and more focused results.
This allows a broader scope whilst maintaining a comprehensive search, and generates a much more user-friendly narrative overview of the most relevant published evidence, which can easily be adapted for use as an evidence base to support other materials.
We also frequently conduct landscaping reviews, which are broad pragmatic reviews to provide a good understanding of a wider disease or treatment landscape.
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