HTA submissions

With many years of experience in HTAs, we help our partners to understand the drivers behind HTA decision-making, and develop robust and successful submissions.

HTA submissions and AMCP dossiers


Development of HTA submissions is one of Maverex’s key services. Drawing on our years of experience in market access strategy, literature reviews, modelling and writing, we develop insightful and robust evidence-based submissions, with a focus on clear and concise communication of clinical and economic value.
We have an abundance of experience in HTA submissions to NICE, SMC, AWMSG, NCPE and EUnetHTA, as well as AMCP dossiers for the US market.

HTA benchmarking


Our HTA benchmarking service offers analysis of the drivers behind HTA decisions, to understand how HTA agencies have assessed previous healthcare interventions, and provide valuable insights to inform our partners' future HTA strategies.
Through reviewing previous relevant HTAs and understanding your product and specific evidence, we can provide recommendations to help maximise the success of your future submissions, usually focusing on specific circumstances that are significant to you, e.g. lack of RCT evidence, uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analyses, or unusual circumstances.

Early dialogue and briefing books


We also support our partners with early dialogue pathways at early stages of their projects, including the development of effective briefing books for:
  • EMA/EUnetHTA parallel consultation
  • EUnetHTA multi HTA early dialogue
  • UK HTA early dialogue

Patient involvement in HTAs


Patients are becoming more involved in the development and positioning of new interventions and they have a voice in the HTA decision-making process.
Our reviews of patient involvement explore where patients can make an input into the decision-making process, how they can do this and the weight their voice has on recommendations.
This is an important early consideration for the development of new interventions as it can drive evidence generation activities.
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