Economic modelling

For drug development and market access, our economic models can ensure you have a thorough understanding of your product’s potential economic value, guide you in making successful decisions and developing a strong and evidenced value story.

Accelerate and simplify the model development process.
Ocean Model Hub enables you to build robust and accessible models, to support early stage economic assessment and sophisticated HTA submissions.


Economic modelling services


Our models are user-friendly, flexible, transparent and easily adaptable. They make it easy for you to get a full understanding of your cost effectiveness and/or budget impact, allowing you to make fully informed decisions on your research priorities and better communicate the overall economic and clinical value of your products.
Maverex field models are available in both web browser and app format, with simple and intuitive navigation making them simple and effective for use with payers.

Early stage models


We have vast experience in developing early stage models to support scenario testing, providing you with decision-enabling insights into key criteria at various stages in the development journey.
Early stage models can also unearth economic potential before investment and allow you to recognise your products' clinical and economic drivers.
Proudly working with some of the biggest, most innovative names and start-ups in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.