Maverex posters receive special recognition at ISPOR Europe 2020


Two Maverex posters have received special recognition which puts them in the top 10% of all submitted abstracts to ISPOR Europe 2020 based on scores of scientific merit.

The criteria for the abstract review scores includes clearly stated objectives and research questions, appropriate and transparent research design, discussion of implication of findings, meeting of research objectives and discussion of implication of findings.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement, which demonstrates our commitment to scientific integrity, and we’re looking forward to sharing the research with more people at ISPOR Europe later this month.

The two posters receiving this special merit are:

  • The Patient Engagement Process in Rare Diseases

The value of patient engagement in assessing new treatments in HTAs is widely recognised. Inspired by our experience developing materials to demonstrate value in treatments for rare disease, we reviewed the different approaches to patient engagement in the HTAs of orphan drugs in four countries (Australia, Canada, England and Scotland). Patient engagement approaches varied substantially. This study illustrates the need to formalise the approach to patient engagement to ensure equitable access to orphan drugs.

  • A Review of Exceptional Circumstances Marketing Authorisations Granted by the European Medicines Agency

The extreme rarity of certain conditions make it impossible or unethical to collect comprehensive efficacy and safety data for new therapies. In these situations, marketing authorisation under exceptional circumstances (EC) may be a pathway to market approval in Europe. In this study, we reviewed all therapeutic medicines authorised under EC, with a focus on the clinical evidence that supported their authorisation. Additionally, we evaluated the subsequent HTA decisions made in England by NICE for these EC therapies.

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