Maverex posters at ISPOR Copenhagen 2019


It’s that time of the year again, and the Maverex team is delighted to be attending ISPOR Europe in Copenhagen! As well as enjoying the beautiful city, we are keen to be there for presentations and discussions on the latest in determining value in healthcare and to catch up with friends and colleagues.

We are also very excited that this year’s ISPOR theme is digital transformation of healthcare. As a company with a keen focus on digital innovation, we are looking forward to some interesting debates on how digital solutions can help improve the way healthcare businesses interact with regulators, healthcare providers, and patients.

This year we are presenting a range of topical and varied posters that reflect some of the work we have been conducting over the last few months:

    Our value communication team are often involved in developing materials to demonstrate the value of treatments for rare diseases, which can be challenging due to the limited availability of evidence describing disease burden and unmet need, and because the impact of treatment on patients’ day-to-day lives may not be fully captured in clinical trials. The patient (or carer) perspective is therefore key in these situations. To better understand how patient/carer input is being used in HTAs of orphan drugs, we looked at HTAs of 22 recently licenced orphan drugs from Australia, Canada, England, and Scotland. We found a variety of different types of patient input across the countries. However, despite a generally positive association between patient input and decision making, the impact on final HTA decisions remains unclear.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our research, please get in touch at, or come and meet us at ISPOR Booth C3-058.