Introducing Maverex eGVDs


We’re really excited to introduce the latest version of our eGVD platform, featuring innovative new features and a clean and modern design that’s really easy to use.

At Maverex we have always believed that electronic GVDs are the future for providing a central resource for value communications with payers and other stakeholders, and have invested in developing a flexible, innovative platform that excels at meeting this need.

Our eGVDs have proven popular with our clients, who see the benefits of using eGVDs and the specific features we can provide to help optimise market access activities and make their lives easier.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read on to find out why eGVDs are rapidly gaining in popularity, and what makes ours stand out.


What is an eGVD?

Simply put, they are value dossiers in an online or App format.


Why would I need one?

Most people agree that Word GVDs aren’t really fit for purpose. Often reaching over 200 pages, they are intimidatingly long, awkward to navigate, and it can be difficult to find specific information within them (especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for!). They’re also quickly out of date, requiring new versions be developed and shared (and used!) as new data become available. Finally, as an internal training tool, Word GVDs are woefully ineffective due to their unwieldy size and structure.

eGVDs contain similar information as conventional Word GVDs, but presented in a more user-friendly, intuitive format that allows you to access and navigate the information more easily. The structure and visuals of eGVDs, which have a huge influence on their usability, vary depending on their design.


What’s so great about Maverex eGVDs?

The technology behind our eGVDs mean we can develop a bespoke eGVD for every client, individually designed to meet the specific needs of the business and product.

Across all eGVDs, our priority is to provide straightforward navigation and easy access to key messages and supporting evidence.

Features of a Maverex eGVD are:

  • Simple and intuitive navigation
    • Access all parts of the GVD in a few clicks from the landing screen – no scrolling through pages of text
    • Easily navigate from a Value Story overview to the detailed evidence base and source references/documents

  • Easily access supporting evidence
    • Click on citations to view full reference details and link to PDFs and/or journal pages
  • Central document library
    • A central place where users can access the latest versions of important documents, such as HE models, literature review reports, and clinical study reports
  • Up-to-date content
    • Content can be updated easily, meaning any user always knows where to find the most up-to-date content
  • Data localisation
    • Options that enable the user to view only the data that are relevant to a specific country or archetype, e.g. cost data, epidemiological data

Other useful features include:

  • Powerful text search
  • Secure 24 hour access
  • Export sections or the whole GVD to Word
  • Embed interactive HE models (which we can also develop)


In conclusion

We deliver eGVDs that make our clients’ lives easier, providing an up-to-date, easily accessible and user-friendly central resource for developing and aligning materials to communicate the value and supporting evidence of their product with payers and other stakeholders.

We are continually updating and developing our eGVD technology further to optimise usability, add innovative new features, and keep the design looking fresh.

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration or to find out more